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Investing to make a mark

At Ontario Teachers’ we invest to deliver outstanding service and retirement security for our members while leaving a lasting, positive impact on the world.

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active and retired teachers

As one of the largest pension plans in the world, we invest strategically across key markets and sectors to deliver steady returns.

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Building better businesses and a better world

We don’t just invest to make a return; we invest to make a mark. Across our portfolio we help businesses become more profitable and sustainable.

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Aerial view of water treatment plant

Net Zero: A winding road for investors

By Jo Taylor, He/Him

Chief Executive Officer

The climate crisis has accelerated and investors around the world are grappling with the best path to reach net zero. At Ontario Teachers’, we don’t believe there’s a straight path to net zero, but rather a winding road that necessitates engagement over divestment.

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2021 mid-year report:
Strong. Resilient. Ambitious.

Find out how we delivered on our pension promise in our latest mid-year results.

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A dynamic, purpose-based company.

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